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Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
think that genes are important for violent behavior, but it's clear that the environment is also important, the way a child is raised and the type of society that they find themselves in. some new studies suggest that it's actually nature and nurture together that are most important. those studies were performed in iowa and they looked at adopted children and they examined both the biological parents as well as the parents who were adopting the children. they looked for signs of trouble, signs of criminal behavior, and then classified the children according to wther their biological or genetic ckground had problems, and/or whether or not their adoptive home environment had problems. whatas interesting was that, it took both a bad genetic background and a so-called "bad environment" to produce the highest levels of problems. aggression probably caused many-- caused by many factors like social or environmental situations but biology may also play a role there. there is a dutch family-- they have eight or nine males-- committed a very severe criminal act. when they looked closely, t
Feb 17, 2013 5:30am PST
people, increasingly favorable environment for investors. all of that is true, to a point. converting the potential here and your reality proves very difficult. pavedad since has been with good intentions, not always the filling. in population of 1.7 million, unemployment is 4.5% and rising. the average monthly wage is $387. relations with serbia are also a priority for the government. >> we want to be good neighbors and we want to recognize each other as independent countries that want to be a part of nato and the eu. >> one of the biggest criticisms of the government spends too much time on politics and not enough addressing the day-to-day economic reality of the people. kind ofrows up, what kosovo will she see? for now, she's just looking forward to a good party. >> today, i am 5. how happy i am. may it live for ever, independence. paul brennan, al-jazeera, kosovo. >> it has been a cold, snowy winter, but this is the perfect time to surf. it brings in a swell for wave riders. we have the story. a trip to the beach in the middle of a south korean winter would not encourage it to her
Feb 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
this area of the environment and we finished the church into this area. and this is as if the church comes out of the ground, as if it's growing here as part of nature. and we have this church circular in order to bring people closer to the altar. a rectangular church would bring them farther from the altar. and what we have here is a church which was constructed in two years. reid & tarix were the architectural firm. robert alder was the designer. and we started november 1961 and we finished in october 1963. we have 12 pillars in the church. believe it or not, they were poured six days like the six days of creation with a slick form method of construction. twenty-four hours a day, we had the pouring of cement, of concrete. then we have the tilted panels which were poured on the ground, lifted by a crane and fitted to the spaces, fitted to the walls and weld it to the walls. now we go up to the vaults which are below the dome. each one of those vaults weighs 32 tons. each one was poured on the ground, lifted by a crane and fitted and seated on top of the pillar. then we have a dome, of cou
Feb 17, 2013 2:00pm PST
the environment. alan fisher is there. make it toeople will the national mall to protest against climate change. they say the warning signs are already there. hurricanes and the teaching everyone the problems ahead for the united states. what brings you here on a very cold day to the national mall? >> i have children. i worry about their future. i'm not about climate change for 30 years because my husband is a scientist. other than not eating meat and riding a bicycle, what can we possibly do? i was compelled to become a political activist about two years ago a and he is here with me today to be part of the crowd to help get obama energized to bring change, even if congress will not. the best way to change the climate is with a carbon tax. >> many people say here barack obama has done a reasonable job and it comes to confronting climate change but he could be doing more. faugh and won him to stop pushing off from behind to do more to alter the course of america and the world -- they want him to stop pushing up from behind. >> pope benedict addresses those in st. peter's. he said. for thousands
Feb 18, 2013 5:30am PST
. the technology behind the battery for the chevy volt was developed here. >> it is a global environment. sodalities in the u.s. can be made available to countries like india and bangladesh almost immediately. >> the goal is to extend battery life to 10 or 15 years within this decade. because the battery is the engine of the electric car and a big part of the cost, that would cut prices and pollution levels around the world. alice everett, illinois. al jazeera reporting from illinois. >> u.s. country music star mindy mccready was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. in recent years if she received attention for a troubled family life after getting a string of hits in the 1990's. 300,000 children working illegally in mexico in the fields that provide produced for dinner tables across the globe. we traveled to the western state to find out what authorities are doing to stop child exploitation. for this 3-ong day year-old come up at dawn and working until dusk, taking chili peppers -- picking chili peppers. it'
Feb 15, 2013 8:00am PST
last year in what it termed a deteriorating environment for press freedom. the committee to protect journalists says 232 journalists were jailed last year, the highest number since surveying began in 1990. 70 journalists were killed in a line of duty, an increase of more than 40% from the previous year. a top native american leader is urging house lawmakers to reauthorize the violence against women act and follow tribal governments to prosecute non- native men who abuse women on tribal lands. jefferson kiel, president of the national congress of american indians, made the remarks thursday in the state of indian nations address. he said the death rate of native women on some reservations is 10 times the national average. nearly 60% of native women are married to non-native men, and according to justice department data, non-native men carry out 70% of reported rapes against native women. >> today, tribes to not have the authority to prosecute non- natives who beat, raped, or even kill women on tribal lands. state and federal authorities are often hundreds of miles away without the loc
Feb 18, 2013 8:00am PST
was a traditional medicine woman of my people. i learned early on the value of our environment. she was known as dr. sophie t homas and her words are still with me today. and what she told us was when we take care of the land, the land would take care of us. [applause] if we destroy this land, we will destroy ourselves. i am speaking on behalf of the alliance from northern british columbia. it translates to people of the earth. i am part of those people from the northern regions of the northwest territories, down to my cousin's, a navajo of arizona. we formed an alliance to stop the enbridge it will project that plans to bring tar sands will been to the coast of british columbia, which will then be put on tankers to go to the asian markets. the alliance is supposed to irresponsible environmental damaging projects that puts our communities, our water, our culture, our land, our fish, our animals, and most importantly, our plants, at risk free it it puts at risk my neighbors to the east of me that live in the tar sands. the government does not recognize these people. and these people have been dying
Feb 11, 2013 8:00am PST
in their own environment. i feel that when we come back from a home visit, which is usually done in the beginning of the year for the first time, i'm able to understand the parent and the child better. hendrick: many of us, especially those who work with infants, are the child's and the parents' first real contact with the outside world. this presents us with a unique opportunity for becoming closely involved and attached to our infants and family members. hi. hi. but how do we form a bond with our children without becoming overly attached? where do we begin? we can start by making sure the lines of communication between ourselves and the family members are wide open. he has not eaten this morning. he was a good little boy, even though his sister woke him up. sissy wake you up? yes, she did. did sissy wake you up this morning? he's probably hungry. are you hungry? hendrick: one way is by looking for opportunities to find out what's happening at home. families are under a great deal of stress these days for any number of reasons. they might regret having to leave their child with
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)